Brent N Tweedy

Curriculum Vitae

Growing up in southwestern Missouri some of my favorite past-times were exploring Table Rock Lake with my goggles and snorkel and catching crayfish, minnows, and tadpoles in the little creek that ran through my hometown. This curiosity about nature stayed with me through the years and drove me to study biology in my undergraduate education. One of the things I learned in the course of my degree was the extent to which humans have altered our planet. Table Rock Lake is a completely artificial ecosystem and the stream I grew up playing in was heavily impacted by a host of human caused changes. I was also exposed to formal scientific research at Oklahoma Baptist University and the option of pursing all of my interests in graduate school. However, things didn't go quite as planned and I wound up taking a detour into the field of developing insurance rating software. While I learned a number of invaluable skills such as managing a team, programming, communicating with clients, and working on large projects with deadlines the experience also served to reinforce my desire to go to graduate school. Since then I've earned a M.S. at Texas Christian University studying emergent insects and mercury contamination and my PhD work has focused on interactions between freshwater mussels and mercury contamination (read more). I have also enjoyed the opportunity to teach hundreds of students in the many classes I have taught throughout my graduate career (read more). After finishing my PhD, I hope to continue my teaching and research as I move to the next phase in my career.